Adl Advisory is a Malaysia-based global Shariah advisory entity that provides shariah advisory, review and auditing services in Halal & Islamic finance domains.



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Adl Advisory is a Malaysia-based global Shariah Advisory company with a team of seasoned professionals comprising of practitioners who possess extensive knowledge of both local regulations and international best practices concerning Shariah compliance. Adl Advisory recognizes that Shariah-compliance is a way to create a more just (Adl), equitable world.

Adl works with businesses, organizations, entities, investors and asset managers to help them understand their responsibilities regarding shariah compliance and how to implement these principles in their operations. Adl is committed to being accessible to all businesses regardless of size or location.

AAOIFI Exam Center and Training Partner

Registered Shariah Adviser under Securities Commission Malaysia

HRDCorp Registered Training Provider

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Meet Our Professional Team

At Adl Advisory, our team of seasoned practitioners possess extensive knowledge of both local regulations and international best practices concerning Shariah compliance. With a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in Shariah and Islamic Finance, we are committed to providing highest-quality Shariah consultancy and audit services across multiple sectors that are accessible to all businesses regardless of size or location.

Industries We Serve


With extensive experience in crowdfunding, blockchain, takafultech and robo-advisory, we guide startups and established players in developing Shariah-compliant solutions, revolutionizing the world of Islamic fintech and empowering clients to thrive in the digital era.


As a registered Shariah Advisory company under the Securities Comission Malaysia, Adl is a trusted partner for the Islamic Capital Markets industry, offering cutting-edge consultancy in Shariah-compliant investment strategies, Sukuk structuring, halal stock, market research, and shariah risk management.


With a team of seasoned experts in Islamic finance, we offer Shariah review, Shariah compliance, product development, shariah risk management, market insights, Shariah board services, and shariah governance policies and strategies.


Adl Advisory offers specialized Shariah and Halal advisory services for businesses, helping them adopt Shariah-compliant practices and ethical-sustainable strategies. Our expert team provides personalized consultations and certifications, empowering companies with a competitive edge to build successful businesses aligned with Islamic principles.


Adl Advisory is the trusted partner in shaping Shariah-compliant Takaful products. As experienced Shariah advisory company, Adl collaborates with clients to structure Takaful solutions that align seamlessly with Islamic principles.

Islamic Microfinance

Adl’s Islamic Microfinance consultancy, advisory and audit drive financial inclusion and empowerment. We merge Shariah compliance expertise with microfinance principles to serve diverse communities, by enabling ethical and accessible financial services.

Islamic Crowdfunding

Adl Advisory has extensive experience in providing Shariah advisory services to Islamic P2P, Equity and Charity crowdfunding platforms and Issuers. Our expertise ensures that these platforms comply with Shariah principles, promoting transparency and socially responsible crowdfunding campaigns that attract a diverse range of Islamic investors.

Fund Management

Adl Advisory guides asset managers, robo-advisory platforms, Venture Capital firms in developing and managing Shariah-compliant funds and investments that align with ethical principles and regulatory requirements.

Our Services


Adl’s curated service equips individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of Shariah-compliant financial practices and contribute to the growth of the Islamic Finance & Halal industry.

Advisory & Consultancy

Adl has expertise in navigating Shariah compliance intricacies. Adl ensures your financial practices align with Islamic principles and prevalent regulations. Whether you need assistance with product structuring, shariah compliance assessment, or strategic direction, Adl is here to assist.

Shariah Audit

Adl excels in Shariah auditing, both internally and externally. Our experts ensure your financial operations adhere to Islamic principles and regulatory standards. Whether it's an internal assessment or an external audit, count on us for meticulous evaluation. Our commitment is to uphold ethical financial practices, bridging local and global shariah standards for a more just and equitable financial landscape.

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    Global Reach with Local Understanding

    Which countries do you serve?

    While our headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, we serve a global audience and have completed projects across the world from Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman,  Canada, South Africa, Bahrain, and Bangladesh.

    Can you provide training and workshops for our team to enhance their understanding of Shariah compliance in our industry?

    Our team offers specialized training and workshops designed to enhance your team's understanding of Shariah compliance within your specific industry. Our expert trainers provide comprehensive insights and practical knowledge to equip your team with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of Shariah-compliant practices. Whether you are seeking to educate your team about industry-specific regulations or want to foster a deeper understanding of ethical and financial aspects, our training programs are tailored to address your organization's unique needs and challenges.

    Aside from serving the Islamic Finance indsustry, which other industries do you provide services to?

    In addition to the Islamic Finance industry, our Shariah advisory services extend to a diverse range of industries. We cater to businesses across various sectors such as real estate, healthcare, technology, education, and more. Our team's expertise in Shariah compliance allows us to provide tailored guidance to any industry seeking to boost client and investor confidence through Shariah certification.

    What are the potential risks and challenges we should be aware of when operating within Islamic finance principles?

    Operating within Islamic finance principles involves considerations related to compliance, regulatory nuances, product innovation, and stakeholder awareness. Our advisory services are designed to guide you through these potential challenges and help you navigate them effectively.

    What is a Shariah Audit and why do I need one?

    A Shariah Audit is a meticulous evaluation of your operations to verify adherence to Islamic principles. It's crucial to maintain shariah standards, gain Islamic investor confidence, and ensure consistent Shariah compliance. It covers areas including:

    1. Financial Transactions
    2. Contracts and Agreements
    3. Investment and Asset Management
    4. Corporate Governance
    5. Product Offerings
    6. Risk Management
    7. Operational Processes
    8. Charitable Activities
    9. Documentation and Reporting
    10. Internal Controls
    11. Ethical Screening
    Who needs Shariah Audit?

    Any business operating seeking to align with Islamic principles can benefit from a Shariah Audit to ensure compliance, credibility, and ethical practices.